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Steam Open World Sale 2021 Active between: May 27 - May 31 The Steam Open World Sale replaces the Spring Cleaning Event in 2021, discounting multiple open-world games while also including live streams of the participating titles But in the time following its debut, Hideo Kojima's weird yet creative take on an open-world game has garnered a passionate following, who found a powerful sense of peace in delivering packages in a strange, post-apocalyptic setting where the lines between life and death have become blurred
Thanks for contributing an answer to Arqade! 1 Download the appropriate template below• " On that page, Steam has , letting you navigate the sale through a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type narrative Another Steam Sale is just a few months away, after all

Top 250 best Discounted Steam Games

He recently made a tweet sharing this information.

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The best part, though, might be how the game explores Star Wars lore and characters
Top 250 best Discounted Steam Games
The good thing is that on PC, you can install mods, letting you make things a little easier if you have particular trouble with a late-game section and just can't git gud enough
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After you complete all 14 of the Forge Your Fate stories, you'll get one of five unique badges reflecting your choices
A newcomer in the yearly sales arena, it sounds like a perfect time to grab games into which you can easily sink tens of hours, if not more dollars of revenue generated in 2014
Though mostly known for being an Xbox series, Halo really does feel at home on PC, too But already the Steam Deck is beginning to climb the Steam sales Top Chart

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PUBG regularly peaks at over one million concurrent players each month and reached its peak in January 2018, when
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Jumping on a ship with some friends and taking to the waves almost always leads to unpredictable, ridiculous moments--whether it's chasing down and sinking other players' ships or adventuring around the seas, solving riddles, and discovering treasure
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Sert after the events of Persona 5, Strikers once again brings the Phantom Thieves to the Metaverse for another wild adventure of investigating evil activity that's corrupting Japan