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It's expected to premiere either in late 2021 or early 2022 He grows up in an orphanage with Yuno, a prodigious wind magic-user
It returned to the timeslot the following week Asta defeats Liebe in their duel

Black Clover Season 5 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

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Black Clover Season 5 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?
For all of the flashy fights and striking story moments it could offer, it would still eventually feel overdone and have long stretches of episodes full of fluff and cliches that shonen fans have seen enough of
List of Black Clover episodes
According to , Black Clover is trying to avoid having lots of filler by giving the anime a break
Black Clover Season 5 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?
Motivated by a desire to become the next Wizard King, an authority figure second to the king of Clover Kingdom, the two youths developed a friendly rivalry
Backed up by a mammoth manga series, it's clear that Season 5 of "Black Clover" — and the movie that will precede it — is spoiled for choice on which plotlines to follow
However, HITC predicts that the series will return to a seasonal broadcast after the movie premieres Meanwhile, the Clover Kingdom still needs defending in myriad magical ways

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On December 6, 2019, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that the game would be released on January 16, 2020.

Black Clover
In February 2021, it was announced that Black Clover will end its broadcast at episode 170 on March 30, 2021, followed by an "important announcement"
Black Clover’s Anime Ending Is the Best Move For the Series
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Black Clover Season 5 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?
Studio Pierrot produced the series