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We can argue the case for both sides She dreams about instant fame
Season 1 has eight episodes, while the second has six Would you like to see a third season of Love Alarm on Netflix? I should encourage him and let him have the chance to confess first because, after all, he liked her first

Love Alarm season 3: Renewal for Netflix K

She had always been obsessed with fame and riches and is perhaps the most selfish character in the series.

Love Alarm (2019)
Will he ever find love again? Why in the world did Gul Mi come to the conclusion that it's Jojo's fault that her parents are broke? What if you want to know how many people like you? Love Alarm is not confirmed for season 3 yet
Love Alarm All Episodes
The Ending: Whom Did Kim Jo-jo Choose? Like bro, it's his life
Love Alarm season 3: Renewal for Netflix K
Considering how hard fans are rooting for Jo-jo and Sun-oh, she might eventually choose him
Secondly, the show takes a slightly different approach than the webtoon But situations can get far worse than this
Thanks to the global pandemic, the release of season 2 was pushed back to 2021 I could barely finish an episode without getting mad at a character

Love Alarm (2019)

To escape this dilemma, people like to express their feelings anonymously.

Love Alarm
Love Alarm is an app that tells you if someone within a 10-meter radius has a crush on you Love Alarm Vol.1 eBook: Chon, Kye Young: Kindle Store
But the main reason I did not like it that much is because it was presented as a "love triangle story", but it was really disapointing
Love Alarm (2019)
How is it Jojo's fault that her parents tried to kill her? Firstly, the webtoon is not as elaborate as the Netflix show