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They last a long time and I highly recommend them Once an All Stars Team member, if you are commissioned to do specific work with Converse, you will be compensated in accordance with a set of terms and conditions defined in a formal legal agreement between you and Converse
We are looking for individuals that express their creativity with intent I have 2 other pairs low top and high top that I bought in store so I compared them to these

The Converse All Stars.

But that's the only difference I could see! An excellent product which will almost certainly be purchased again if available.

Chuck Taylor All Star: Low, High & Platform.
As the original brand of youth culture, we saw an opportunity to play a more purposeful, two-way role with the communities that have always embraced us
Converse all star
I work retail and am always running from one end of the store and back again I seriously take about 10,000 steps just during a four hour shift
We believe our iconic canvas "All Star" can serve as a canvas for creative action and progress by investing in bold ideas and collaborating directly with individuals
I wear these all the time-- at work, outside, running errands, everywhere The classic colors, materials and quality vulcanized rubber sole, making up the Chuck Taylor All Star, have been worn throughout the years and are a celebration of self-expression and personal style
Independent enough not to follow Browse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes in a variety of popular colorways like , and , and shop styles for , and

Chuck Taylor All Star: Low, High & Platform.

The star was inside the "O" in Converse just in case you were wondering.

Converse all star
Converse all star
My only doubt is that the pair I bought through Amazon said made in China and my other pairs said made in Vietnam
Converse all star
Our partnership is based on physical and digital experiences, creative opportunities, product and mentorship provided by Converse and active engagement by you
The Converse All Star Team is a grassroots community, with optional participation Chuck Taylor All Star The Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the most iconic sneakers in the world, recognized for its unmistakable silhouette and cultural authenticity
Find out more in our They lasted me three years before I had to replace them with the pair I recently bought


In addition to exclusive experiences, Converse provides access to product, opportunities for mentorship and commissions creatives that express with intent for the development of creative work.

I absolutely love this color and they fit exactly as expected
The Converse All Stars.
We are looking for individuals that express their creativity with intent
The Converse All Stars.
All Stars dare to be bold, embrace what makes them different and have the courage to take the first step forward