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While its historical accuracy is highly questionable, the level of action and tension created when an American Navy crew overtakes a German U boat is quite unbelievable Loss position - Wolfpack operations U-571 operated with the following Wolfpacks during its career: 30 Oct 1941 - 4 Nov 1941 4 Nov 1941 - 17 Nov 1941 17 Nov 1941 - 22 Nov 1941 27 Dec 1941 - 16 Jan 1942 12 Jun 1942 - 17 Jun 1942 10 Oct 1942 - 20 Oct 1942 20 Oct 1942 - 7 Nov 1942 26 Dec 1942 - 19 Jan 1943 19 Jan 1943 - 28 Jan 1943 27 Mar 1943 - 30 Mar 1943 7 Apr 1943 - 13 Apr 1943 13 Apr 1943 - 25 Apr 1943 15 Jan 1944 - 26 Jan 1944 26 Jan 1944 - 28 Jan 1944 Attacks on this boat and other events 22 Mar 1943 At 21

October 30, 1942: The Real Story of U

David Balme, the Royal Navy officer who led the boarding party on U-110, called U-571, "a great film" and said that it would not have been financially viable without being "americanised".

German submarine U
The incident most likely to have provided the inspiration for the movie, U-571, the capture of U-110 in May of 1941 by the Royal Navy, was kept so secret that the British did not even tell President Roosevelt of the capture until almost a year later
German submarine U
Under his command U-571 had nine successful patrols in the Arctic and in the North and Central Atlantic
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The tanker SS Pennsylvania Sun, torpedoed by U-571 on 15 July 1942 was saved and returned to service in 1943 Sadly, U-571 is damaged beyond repair, and must be abandoned by the American prize crew, although all code materials and Enigma machine are recovered
There are the mandatory depth-charge scenes--which I generally like, but in this film there's one after another after another Emmett is beheaded by flying debris
The Allies captured Enigma-related codebooks and machines about fifteen times during the War; all but two of these by British forces Type Ordered 24 Oct 1939 Laid down 8 Jun 1940 werk 547 Launched 4 Apr 1941 Commissioned 22 May 1941 Kptlt


I've seen enough blood to know that it's surprisingly bright red when fresh, but this goop is candy-apple red.

The Type VIIC U
Similarly, every good hit of a torpedo makes the entire ship explode in a ball of flames whereas even hits on the "good guys'" vessel just put a hole in the hull
German submarine U
The crew realizes that Wassner, despite being shackled, is using Morse Code to tap out a signal that the submarine had been captured, so Hirsch kills him
The point is: depth charges
After making repairs and restoring its power, Tyler decides to route the disabled submarine toward in According to Britain's Channel 4, "the captured codebooks provided vital assistance to British cryptographers such as , at the code-breaking facility of , near
As the crew sigh in relief, Tank reports Trigger's death The stalwart US Navy heroes are not to be denied their prize, and the prize crew takes the U-571 underwater and does battle with the German resupply sub

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Of course, now we all know better because we've seen True Detective and the various other good things he's done since somehow pulling his shit together.

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In the confined space, so much of the tension builds just from looking at maps and meters and the isolated sonar beeps
German submarine U
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